Michael Gaines is an innocent man incarcerated in Oklahoma. He has maintained his innocence, there are many facts to support his being framed for murder.

Michael's case was based on corruption, coercion, and false confessions.  

Michael did not personally know the victims involved; however, Diontay Perry knew the victims personally. In fact, none of the co-defendants knew the victims. Diontay had a personal vendetta with Chris Kopsky who was his neighbor in the apartment complex. Diontay owed Chris money and had taken a coffee table as collateral; Diontay became upset and decided to rob him. He approached his friend Daniel Moore and discussed hitting a lick (robbing someone). They both agreed to this and started to solicit this plan. After many attempts of getting someone involved, Calvin Barnett had agreed to assist in this plan. 

The day of the crime Calvin decided that he didn't want to go along but instead they should just find someone else and have them go. They then premeditated drugging someone involuntarily. They laced a weed joint with PCP so that once they found someone, they could drug them unknowingly.  Diontay and Daniel went to Michael's home and asked he wanted to ride and hangout, he leaves with them to hangout. Diontay asked Michael if he would go to this apartment that belong to Chris and to ask him how much it would cost to buy some weed. Michael goes to the door not knowing whose home it was and Travis Burchfield answers, he tells him the price of the weed and Michael leaves. He lets Diontay know the price as they drive away. They stop at a gas station, and they see Timothy Tabon, Daniel knows him and ask him if he has his gun on him, he says yes and after conversation Timothy gets into the car and rides. Diontay gives them alcohol and later gives them the laced weed (after providing minors with alcohol they are unknowingly drugged, remember Diontay sent Michael to ask for weed prices. That was a trick to see if Chris would sale to a stranger).

Once Michael was oblivious to what was going on, that is when Diontay preyed on him being impaired and asked him once again to knock on the door to ask about buying the weed, he knocked and once the door opened Daniel and Timothy (who was also drugged) ran into the apartment and robbed Chris and Travis, Daniel and Timothy then shoot Travis and Chris and runs out. As they are leaving, they have to tell Michael to come because he was in a state of shock.  

Diontay, Daniel and Timothy were all apprehended. At that time, they gave stories to the detectives and once they advised Daniel, he was getting the death penalty, he then put Michael into the story knowing that he could put his part of the crime on him and get a 20-year deal. That is what was offered to him if he would then become a witness for the state and frame Michael for the crime. Days later they issue a warrant for Michael, and he turned himself in willingly because he knew that he was innocent of any crime. 

Michael was denied his rights to an attorney and was questioned anyways with him asking several times for a lawyer. After several times of being interviewed he was told that he needed to admit to this crime to prevent death. He is finally given a public defender that did not prepare any sort of defense for Michael. Carl Bowen was over worked and short of resources at the time he took on Michael's case, he didn't want to take this case and investigate it fully, without Michael's permission he waives his preliminary hearing, had Carl not done that he would have been able to clear Michael's name as having apart of robbing them or having anything to do with the murder. Instead, Carl assisted in painting his client as the mastermind of this crime, although Michael didn't know Chris or where he lived bit Diontay did. 

Carl never interviewed any of the material witnesses, but instead went to his mother's house and intimidated her to pressure Michael into taking the plea that he tells him to take, or he is going to die. When Michael insisted on going to trial, Carl brought an ex-death row inmate (who was still wanted in another state for murder) in the day he was to ask for a trial and scared him into taking the deal that Carl told him to take. Scared and confused Michael took a plea deal. His lawyer told him all he had to do is pled guilty to robbery and he would get 20- years in prison