Michael Gaines was just 18 years old when his entire life took a turn for the worst. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole (lwop). Mr. Gaines had not had the opportunity to graduate high school before he lost his life to the prison system.
Mr. Gaines was framed for a murder in which he did not commit. There was 4 co defendants on this case. Two of the co defendants who were older than Mr. Gaines wanted to rob someone they had a personal vendetta against. They had solicited the crime all week for someone to assist, when no one would help they decided to take matters into their own hands. That's when they took it upon themselves to involuntarily drug Mr. Gaines and the 4th co defendant in order to have control and use them as their puppets to commit the crime they planned out, against their will.
Mr. Gaines was threatened with the death penalty if he didn't agree to the death of the victim. He would not agree to that because he knew he was innocent. Mr. Gaines' lawyer was very inadequate with his defense, instead of building a defense to help, he worked against him to force him to plea guilty to a murder he didn't commit. The lawyer brought an ex death row inmate to come intimidate and bully Mr. Gaines into pleading guilty to whatever they ask him to , just tell the story that they tell you to tell was the advice he gave. After that visit Mr. Gaines asked to go to trial, his lawyer told him no. In a last attempt the lawyer went to his mother's house and told her she needs to convince Mr. Gaines to plea guilty to murder or they will kill him and it was safe to say they needed to tell him their final goodbyes because he's going to die! He told her this was his best option because if they went to trial the prosecution would paint a picture of an elderly white woman having her home robbed and killed by four black men (that was a manipulation tactic). 
Mr. Gaines' lawyer didn't question one person on the case nor did he try to prove his innocence, instead he assisted in the two co defendants getting 20 year plea deals if they became key witnesses for the state to testify against his client.
Mr. Gaines has always maintained his innocence and will forever stand by that! #justice4gaines